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Photo Gallery

JoJo Shutty MacGregor
Honest Abe
Tower of Power
Happy Campers
Big Jim Williams
Dick Purtan
Rockin' Robin
Charlie O'Brien, Big 8 Radio Jock
Greg and Sue Fornier
Hustling harder at Eastern Market
Detroit Mercantile has the D goods
Easter Market 2018
TV host Veronique Mandell
Eastern Market,  May 2018
elaine as Time Traveller
With Jennifer Wilson Ch. 7
jim creighton
Bobby Bodchon
Leon & Lulu Book Signing
E & C coles book signing 2017
Book Signing- October 13, 2017
Ron Nelson and Elaine Weeks
clowning around
Award Presentation
Book launch, 10/13/17
CBC Radio
Rosie The Riveter aka Yvonne Pillon
Murray Nosanchuk
Pitching at Detroit's TechTown
Thom Smith
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