Time Trespasser

A Master. His Slaves. A Crack in Time.
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Cotton plantation master Jacob Williams has had a heart attack. A mob of pickaninnies somehow appeared in his Great Hall and he'd collapsed trying to chase them out.

Waking up in a strange Memphis hospital, he learns the impossible has happened: he's slipped through time 175 years to 2012, slaves are free, and a black president leads the U.S. To top it off, Jacob is powerless, destitute, and alone.

Desperate to return to his proper life in 1837, it's his female slaves that are foremost on Jacob's mind — especially his new favorite, Sadie, who had escaped shortly after he'd had his way with her. Had she been found?

Lost in the streets of Memphis, Jacob realizes that he, once one of the most powerful men in Tennessee, is being mistaken as a street person. But some people have guessed there is much more to Jacob Williams than meets the eye — that a time traveler is in their midst: a pair of doctors from the hospital, a teacher who saw him in his Great Hall, a sharp-eyed reporter — and all are in hot pursuit.

And then Jacob meets a man with whom he shares an extraordinary bond.

Time Trespasser links the master/slave days of the pre-Civil War South to 21st century America, where certain truths never change.



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This book is amazing and needs to be made into a movie!!! I read Time Trespasser during my beach holiday last week and couldn't put it down! I followed it with another book called “Wild”, which HAS been made into a movie. Wild WAS good, however, it paled in comparison to Time Trespasser. This is a MUST READ and needs to make it to Oprah's Book Club



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